Monday, October 27, 2008


Selected pages from LBH; the majority of this particular sketchbook contains mostly figure and character/concept sketches. Most of the drawings are done in pen- either ball point or india ink. The scans may not have turned out quite right however- the pages are subject to editing later on but for now- here they are~
Date: Sophomore year

Pages 1-2; Mid-late '07

Left Hand Bravado

Or- "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right."

And so far so good! It's great to have a place to put minor sketches and sketchbook drawings. A far too common occurrence is that our sketchbooks seem to magically disappear over time or, worse, fade, scratch... blemish. Currently, it is my hope that this site can be used for storing and safekeeping sketchbook images as well as serving as a hub for research.

Well! We'll just have to see how that goes! For now- let's start off with some LHB and later on, some tasty tid-bits on illustrators one can add to one's hall of muses.

Let's go~